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Oukailuo 2017 Annual Metting2018-02-05
 As the time flying away,blink 2017 have passed,we’re here in opportunity-filled 2018!   Ningbo Oukailuo Hardware Co., Ltd’s annual meeting has been held on February 1st, 2018....
Holiday Notice of Spring Festival2018-02-05
Dear customer   Please ahead of time to prepare a good inventory, thank you.   Chinese Spring Festival holiday is coming , to celebrate the traditional Chinese New Year, Our Vacation tim...
Our spring outing2017-03-27
Seeds germinate in the spring ,the flowers disclose their colours and dancing with warm wind . Everything looks full of vigor ,so do we . On March 26th ,we went to hiking to Moushan Lake ,barbe...
New year ,new look!2017-02-22
Time runs fast ,one year just have passed ,and it’s time to say goodbye to 2016 and embrace 2017 . Two weeks have passed before we knew it,and at the begining of the year , every departme...
Our annual performence2017-01-23
How time flies! 2016 is passed,and 2017 is coming. On January 15th ,2017 .Hard-woring and intelligent people in OKL get together ,celebrate the successess and reflect shortcomings . The...
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